Malcer Lackman

Rum-loving, spicey-mouthed swashbuckler


Illuskan male human rogue (swashbuckler)


Malcer Lackman—or “Malcer”, or "Lackman"—is a man who is far too feisty for his own good. His cheeky attitude and inappropriate comments have landed him in trouble more times than anyone can recount, but is always seen drinking himself blind after a few days down by the docks in the Low Lantern.

“I once kissed a wee-princess girl right on ‘er cheeks right in front of ’er father. Not sure wha’ pissed ‘im off the most. Was it the kiss, tha’ she was next to ‘er fancy fiance, or that ’er legs were around my face? Still got the scar from tha’ guard’s spear. Totally worth it.”


Malcer Lackman

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