Alenor Krynn

Light-handed male human lady-killer.


Class Rogue 1
Background Charlatan
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Hit Points 9
Armor Class 14
Initiative +3

Abilities Str 11, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 15

Saves Str +0, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +4, Wis +1, Cha +2

Weapons Rapier, shortbow, and 2 daggers.


The story? It’s not that important.All that matters is the journey…

Me? Well,the name is Alenor Krynn, or Ryn Flaenor, a name I made up messing up the letters from my original name. It’s never good to go about sharing your real name in my circle of acquaintances. Now what are my acquaintances you may say… You will find out about that in a bit.

It all started in the Krynn household. We were a small family,of humble beginnings but of some extent of wealth and fame. You see, my very old man, my grandpa that is, had once saved our small town from a great peril, if I recall correctly,he defeated some sort of a beast? Anyways, I don’t recall much about that, his boasting was limited and I was really young, please understand my situation. And so it happened that he was rewarded for what he did, just a little something for his deeds. And that was our small residence, a rather small castle on the outskirts of the town. And in that castle, I happened.

I grew up to be a gentleman, knowing which spoon to use for what food, what flowers ladies want and a lot of other boring stuff, but well, I never ended up being a grown up gentleman. On the day of my 6th birthday, a storm started raging. I was alarmed by the thunders and run to hide in my room. My Parents ran after me, trying to tell me it will be alright, I guess. But it wasn’t meant to be alright….

Their footsteps stopped and gave way to the echo of a blade sating its thirst for blood. I heard my mother scream, and a loud bump on the floor. In a few moments, the whole castle was set in motion, but all I could hear were screams of agony and echoes of bloodshed. I hid into a corner trying to cover my ears. A grand loser, I admit. But still I was just a boy, stop judging me, bastard!

The door to my room opened after some horrifying moments, and the castle stood still. A man was approaching me, clad in black clothes and a dirk in his hands. A talisman of some weird shape was hanging from his neck, I’ll explain later what it was, I am about to get killed here!

And as the man approached, I noticed the blood on his dirk. I may have shat my pants, not that it matters. And as he came closer, a lightning cracked through the stillness of the night. And that’s when my luck kicked in. Terrified by the thunder, I tried to cover my eyes, as the thunder struck with enormous force at our roof. For some unknown reason, the thunder’s force was enough to tear our castle’s roof apart, collapsing on the man and scattering debris all around me, but for some reason, I wasn’t hurt. The only thing that was left of the man, was his talisman. I grasped it quickly, seeing the gold and emerald amazingness with my awestruck eyes. The craftsmanship was amazing, and that single jewel was enough to make me forget all that was going on.

I may have stood there looking at the damned thing for too long,cause next thing I remember, is a man trying to communicate with me.

Where is lord Krynn he kept on repeating, but I was too dumbfounded to answer. In the next couple of days ,I would be handed around like some sort of currency that nobody wanted. Until some day I was given to an uncle of mine, whom I had seen once. His relationship with my father was bad, and he looked soggy and ugly, so he had no chance of ever perceiving a son. And that’s why I ended up with him being my “new father”.

And as you may have understood, it was horrible.The guy was a wizard, one who bossed me around and forced me to bring him components for his spells and to fetch his books. He wanted a slave to help by, or maybe an apprentice. I never really got to learn about him. I opened one book of his once and I found out the phrase: The most advanced uses of necromancy.

And yep, that’s when I realised, I had to run as far away as I could from that guy. I was small, slender and stealthy, so getting out of his smelly dungeon was the easiest task ever. Finding a place to stay though, well, that was a different story

It was days. I would ask for some bread or something, but the answer was rarely positive. And well, I needed to eat, so I took my chances. Turns out, stealing was good business, and I had an act for it. But don’t expect me having a fun time. I rarely slept, ate a little and run more than my body could afford at these times. So at some point, it must have been like a week or so after I had begun running, I just stopped functioning. I fell unconscious in front of a building.

I woke up, like, 2 days later, and as it turns out, that place was a brothel. The ladies there were extremely nice, and for some reason, took a liking in me. Well I always had my ways with women, and these women were the best mothers I could ever have wished for. They would rarely scold me and their bringing me up was exceptional. They weren’t noble women, but they were gorgeous for once, and loving secondly. Most of them weren’t allowed to have any children, and thus wanted to nurture a kid of their own, just once. And I really bonded with them.

As I kept on with life, and entered my teen years, everything fell into place. I had a place to go, more than 20 beautiful women caring for me, the streets were ever delightful for pickpocketing, food was always good and my skills at being a street nuisance were getting better every day. My luck always helped me get away with almost anything, and as my skills grew better, so did my variety of tricks. After a certain point, my mothers would teach me how to please a woman and how to approach her, and soon I became a real ladies man. I knew how to act like a gentleman and I also knew how to cut straight to the point, so seducing women and taking what I needed became my signature trick. I had, have and will always have a knack for a pretty face, and I can never abandon such a mission,no matter the cost.

But the time came when my fame and face were all along the boards of wanted criminals, so in order not to jeopardise my mothers’ safety, I had to leave.

Come on, I wasn’t that heartless. I left a note!

I am currently heading for Baldur’s Gate. All I have on me is that necklace and my confidence. And luck on my side. And a pair of clothes. You get my meaning. I still have no idea what I am doing but I know this: If there is a fate awaiting me, I’ll gladly see my fate to its end. I need to find a reason to live, other than make my daily life and adventure. Till then, I will just have to mark my way into women’s hearts, all around the realm.

Alenor Krynn

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