Welcome to Baldur’s Gate!

The year is 1489 of the Dale Reckoning.

Taverns in Baldur’s Gate
The Blushing Mermaid
Elfsong Tavern
The Low Lantern

Inns in Baldur’s Gate
The Helm and Cloak
Three Old Kegs
The Blade and Stars

Religion in Baldur’s Gate
Religion in Baldur’s Gate has always been somewhat open and free, but after the massacre following the revival of Bhaal, temples have been limited to a few very specific. Shrines and small places of worship exist throughout the city, revering many gods, and there is no telling of the illicit religious activity, but the official temples dedicated to deities are the following.

Shrine of Suffering
Temple of Oghma
The Hall of Wonders
The Water Queen’s House
The Watchful Shield

Law Enforcement in Baldur’s Gate
The Watch is in charge for guarding the Upper City and the patriars.
The Flaming Fist is responsible for the rest of the city.

Fall of Baldur's Gate

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