Ulder Ravengard

Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate and Marshal of the Flaming Fist order, not a soft-spoken or nuanced man.


Lawful neutral male human fighter


Ulder Ravengard is the leader of the Flaming Fist—the military might of Baldur’s Gate. He has the greatest martial acumen of anyone along the Sword Coast (and probably in the whole Lords’ Alliance).

Ravengard is a stern warrior dedicated to discipline and results. Having risen through the ranks of the Flaming Fist by the might of his blade and the sharpness of his wits, he sometimes lacks sophistication and tact, but he possesses an unwavering commitment to the law. More comfortable working with soldiers than adventurers, Ravengard is used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question.

Ulder Ravengard

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