Nessthea Eleros

Female moon elf bard with a wanderlust


Look at that little tree. Yes this one. It’s not even five feet tall and yet it’s so beautiful. It makes you wanna caress its leaves and feel the moisture that the early morning has left on them. Look at that catmint. Look at the way its petals glisten when the sun beams that come through these tall trees fall on the tiny drops of water, that nature has put there in such a magnificent way, which makes it look like someone’s sprinkled scraps of diamonds on them. It seems as if you’re going to touch it, not roughly, just if you pass your fingertips across them, you’ll destroy it. So fragile! Listen to the birds singing and the insects buzzing as they fly through the forest. Feel the wind touching your skin, blowing through your hair. Doesn’t it make you wanna capture the moment. Don’t you feel like writing a song, or maybe a poem.

Or just sing something that matches the rhythms, those of the deep forests.
Before you ask, yes I’ve always been like that. Those little things that others take for granted, like the way a flower blossoms, the sound the river makes while the water flows softly through mountains and valleys, a hug from a good friend or a family member, even love, always inspired me. But what a rude little elf I am for not having introduced myself properly, yet I’m rambling about other things. My name is Nessthea Eleros, daughter of Soveliss Eleros. Yes the potion seller. Well, actually I’m not his biological daughter. He found me on a journey of his, while I was still a baby, sobbing behind some bushes next to the corpses of my parents, covered in blood. He took me in his arms and looked into my eyes. Blue with golden and silverish flecks. He said I reminded him of his wife, who had died in an accident. Or at least that’s what he told me. He doesn’t want to talk about it so I will never know if it’s the truth. He named me after her and swore to take care of me and protect me. And that’s what he did.

We travelled a lot together when I was a child so I didn’t make many good friends at that age. However, I did meet lots of interesting people and saw many different places. All of them made me write something that reminded me of the way they looked like or the events that occured there and the people I’ve met. At the age of 16, as my father was aging and couldn’t bare travelling so much we decided to settle down and moved to a little village outside Waterdeep. By the time I got there I didn’t feel very welcome. All girls my age wouldn’t talk to me and all guys would try to seduce me. As you can tell I really enjoy walking through the forests alone with just my lute. So I did back then. I would take long strolls alone and sing to the trees. Or at least I thought I was alone. Every time a guy would come out of a bush or climb down a tree and disturb me. Most of the times they wouldn’t try something irrational and I returned home unharmed.

Until one night. I was at the local inn, delivering some potions from my father to an old gentleman, good friend of his. As I was about to leave, someone grabbed my wrist and made me look at their direction. The young man, clearly drunk, started caressing my body, feeling every inch of it. I tried to escape from his grasp but his hand grabbed my neck. Every second that passed I would feel his grip tightening, leaving me with less and less oxygen. “I’ll pay you” he whispered. I got furious. I could feel my rage growing inside me, so I slowly moved my hand towards my lute, but I couldn’t reach it. I had to do something.

Suddenly I fell on the floor, gasping for air. My sight was a blur so I really couldn’t see anything all I heard was a soft voice of a woman. Soon everything started to clear up and I that’s when I saw her. Her bronze skin, her blond hair and hazel eyes. Everything was perfect. She helped me stand up and took me home. The guy was unconscious on the floor. Or dead! I couldn’t care less. Her name was Jeleneth. She taught me how to play the flute and talked to me about her adventures. All the places she had seen and the things she had confronted. We sang together and talked for hours. Jeleneth was everything that was missing from my life. One night, under the full moon, as she was talking about her latest adventure I put my palms on her cheeks and kissed her. I could feel my heart racing waiting for her to do something after I moved my lips away from hers. She smiled and kissed me back, with passion and lust. We stayed there, next to the river for hours just looking at each other.

The next morning I woke up to find a note next to me with some books and her flute. In the note she explained that she had to leave and that it was nice knowing me. I was devastated. I would play the flute and cry for days. I didn’t even look at the books she left. After a couple of weeks or so I picked one up and started reading. I didn’t even realise what it was about until I reached page 245. You see I wasn’t really reading. The books were about magic. All about spells and how to use them. I got really interested in it and started learning from them. I turned out to be pretty talented.

But three books weren’t enough for me. I needed more. That’s when I decided to go for an adventure, seeking more power and more inspiration for my music. Time has passed now, I’m 25 and I’ve come to know many things about magic. I was taught by great wizards, or learned by the books I found in libraries. I wrote songs. Hundreds of them. Sometimes I sing them to others, sometimes to myself.

Now I’m heading towards Baldur’s Gate, hoping to come across new adventures and write more music. Besides, any time is a good time for a song, right? Like right now! Let me fetch my lute and sing something for you!

Nessthea Eleros

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